At Datafy, We’ve Made it Our Mission
to Revolutionize How People Think About and Utilize Cloud Storage 

We’ve seen it all, so we know how simple it can be, and now we’ve put the power in your hands. There's no magic, it's just plain math

Backed by Insight Partners and grounded in combined decades of experience, our goal is to finally allow DevOps and FinOps teams to manage their Cloud Storage automatically so they can save money and gain control.

Our mission - and we chose to accept it, is to give Cloud Storage teams the control they deserve with no effort or big changes to the system. It’s that simple, only the right data, at the right place, at a constant optimal cost. 

With Datafy

You can save up to 50% on your storage costs and finally gain self-optimizing, no developer-needed control.
It’s a heck of a ride and we love every minute of it, we hope you hop on the Datafy bullet train with us. 

Meet the Datafiers

Zivan Ori

Zivan Ori


Zivan is a seasoned leader with decades of experience in high-scale storage systems, both on-prem and in the cloud. In his last role Zivan led the EBS development team at AWS Israel, after the startup he co-founded, E8 Storage, was acquired by Amazon. 
Zivan filled many executive R&D positions in storage and cyber security startups. He is an alumnus of the prestigious “Talpiot” program, and holds a B.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics from the Hebrew University, and an M.A in Linguistics from UCL.

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Ziv Serlin

Ziv Serlin


Ziv is a highly experienced technology leader, with a career spanning 15 years in the storage space and an extensive background in chip design prior to that.
Ziv was also a co-founder of E8 storage that was sold to AWS, as VP architecture. After the acquisition, Ziv served as principal Engineer at AWS. 
Before E8 Storage Ziv worked in multiple storage and communication startups at senior positions. He specializes in architecture and design of complex systems and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the Technion. 

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Yoav Ilovich

Yoav Ilovich


Yoav has led product teams for over 15 years in roles like VP Product at Pagaya Investments, and Head of product at Taboola both of which have had successful IPOs.
Yoav was also the Chief Product Officer at Fleetonomy (Acquired by Via).
He is an alumnus of the prestigious “Talpiot” program and holds a B.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics from the Hebrew University, and an M.E in System Engineering from the Technion.

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